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what we do - rules - app - mod - members - promos - friday four - theme of the month - etc.

This community is about the love of music, and the people who love music! Being hot isn’t about how you look, it’s about who you are and how you are to others. We accept all kinds of music – what matters is why you love music.

We are looking for hardcore, emo, punk, alt metal, death metal, metal, etc. rockers who have great personalities, love to rock out, and have fun!

Who are we?
We are not an elitist community. We are a rating community, but we don’t want to make you cry. Rudeness is not tolerated here – we want everyone to get along and share our music together!

* Local Band Promotions – *new* If you or your friend is in a band, you can promote it here! Once accepted, you can promote the band however you want. The promotion will go on a special section of the userinfo.

* Friday Four – *new* Every Friday, I’ll ask you guys four simple questions, kind of like survey questions. You guys post your answers.

* Theme of the Month – Every month, we have a picture theme contest, where the members try to take the most creative picture according to the theme. The mod picks the top three pictures, and you guys vote for your favorite! The winner is member of the month!

* And of course, meet other hot rockers!

o1. Always fill out your application under an LJ cut! If you do not, you will be asked ONCE to LJ cut your application, if you do not within 24 hours then you will be automatically rejected and you will be able to reapply in a week. If you do not know how to LJ cut, go to the help section of LJ and learn.

o2. Do not post, comment, or vote in this community until you are accepted. You will receive a stamp from one of the mods telling you whether or not you are accepted in a comment on your application.

o3. Advertising for other communities is okay, ONLY if you advertise us in the community that you advertised.

o4. Do not hang around! If you join this community, please fill out an application within a couple days time. We are friendly, honestly!

o5. Please do not delete your application if you do not like the opinions. You will be banned if you do this.

o6. Please, no one under 14 apply here. You’re too young to be hot.

o7. AND, most importantly, BE NICE! This community is not for assholes or elitists, so if you are one, turn around now. I will not tolerate any kind of rude comments made to applicants or members. You will be banned with no exceptions.

o8. In order for me to know you read the rules all the way through, please type “Do I rock?” in the subject of your application.

o9. HAVE FUN!!!

o1. NO UNDECIDED VOTES. They're pointless and don't count towards the final vote. If you're undecided, just don't vote ^_^ Any undecided votes will be deleted.

o2. ALWAYS explain your vote. If you're saying yes, let them know why they did a good job. If you're saying no, tell them what they can change if they decide to re-apply. Vote without a reason will be deleted and will not be counted. Reasons like "I liked your app" or "Your app didn't stand out" don't count.

o3. We don’t tolerate rudeness or judging other people here. Rudeness towards a member or applicant, calling someone a poser, acting as if you know what punk/emo/metal etc. is, and judging someone by their music tastes and not by their reasoning will get you deleted from the members page and you will have to reapply. (info)

-->The Application:<--
1_Whats your name?
2_How old are you?
4_Top 10 Bands?
5_What are the first 5 songs on your playlist? (dont skip anything to look "cool")
6_What is it about music that you love?
7_What are your favorite movies?
8_Whats your favorite book?
9_Which song or lyric can you relate to best and why?
10_Who are your musical influences, and why?
11_Do you play any instruments? If so, which one(s) and for how long?
12_What’s the best band name ever? And the worst?
13_What would you do for a Klondike bar?
14_Make up an application question and answer it:
15_How did you find us?
16_Please advertise to ONE community or TWO people and place the link here:

-->The Mod<--

I reserve the right to Accept/Reject anyone I choose regardless of the votes. If I think you belong here and will be an asset to the community, I will accept you regardless of the vote count, but only in extreme cases. This community was made to be fun, not hurtful, or petty. Anyone that causes drama here will be banned, no questions asked. Thats fair warning. If you wanna know more about me, check out my personal journal.

-->The Accepted List<--
(The hottest rockers you'll ever know)

-->The Rejected List<--

-->The Banned List<--

Band Promotions
promo page

Friday Four for the week of Friday, September 10, 2004:

o1. What is the best memory you have?

o2. What was/were your first word(s)?

o3. If you were a food, what would you be and why?

o4. Would you take a bullet for anyone?

-->July's Theme<--
Take an interesting picture in your favorite band shirt, and then say a few words about why it's special or why it's your favorite.

-->July's Theme Winner<--

"My favorite band t-shirt from Lollapalooza 03' It's my favorite band shirt, even though it is about 10 sizes too big, because It was signed when I met Billy Talent and The Distillers. They were both awesome and nice, and Ben from BT insisted on giving me a hug because I was wearing my clash t-shirt. But of course since the security guards were a bunch of nazis, I couldn't take pictures because they confiscated my camera. The signatures are also kind of faded because my mom being the *smart* person that she is decided to put it in the washing machine. Thank god it didn't get completely ink free."

-->Wanna help promote an awesome community????<--


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